• British Wildlife Series - Episode 7 - British Wildlife Newts

    There are three native Newt species in the UK: smooth, palmate, and great crested. Smooth Newts are the most widespread species across the country. Most active around dusk and dawn, feeding on a wide variety of aquatic invertebrates they can be found in ponds in parks as well as back gardens. Ne...

  • British Wildlife Series -Episode 12 -Common Toad

    Whilst poking around under logs in Holland Park in London, we stumble upon one of the UK’s most common amphibians, the Common Toad (Bufo Bufo). Interesting facts about this intriguing and beguiling little beast.

  • British Wildlife Series -Episode 3 -Toads On The Hunt

    This fun film follows the hunt of the Common Toad, informative and educational - come exploring with this dedicated little hunter.

  • British Wildlife Series - Episode 5- Finding Frogs & Slow Worms

    Slow worms, frogs and toads are common throughout the UK. At Totternhoe Wildlife Trust Nature Reserve, ‘herping’ is a way of tracking reptiles and amphibians and this fun insightful film teaches us how to do it.