• Guardian of the Sea Lions

    Guardian of the Sea Lions" is a film centred around Janet Ledingham, an 83 year-old woman who voluntarily collects data on sea lions, a nationally vulnerable species, for the New Zealand Sea Lion Trust. It is both informative and inspiring as we learn about Janet’s passion for sea lions and her r...

  • Reconsidering Oceans

    The ocean plays a vital role in regulating planetary health. It keeps temperatures down by absorbing heat and mitigates the effect of greenhouse gas emissions by soaking up carbon dioxide. But this comes at a cost. As ocean temperatures increase, we are seeing a rise in ocean acidification and a ...

  • Australian Penguins

    A small colony of 'Little Penguins' live on Penguin Island off the coast Perth, Western Australia.
    The island has a Discovery Centre which treats and houses penguins that have been injured, orphaned or abandoned, usually as chicks

  • Koala Corridor

    IFAW and partner organisation Bangalow Koalas work together to plant a 50km corridor of trees to link two fragmented populations of Koalas in the Northern Rivers area of New South Wales, Australia

  • Naturally Australia

    13 seasons

    Photographer and film-maker Simon Mustoe has been studying and observing wildlife in his native Australia for nearly 50 years - in this series he profiles environmental and wildlife specialists and enthusiasts across Australia