• Violet - A Polar Bear Story

    Two female explorers track the progress of a young mother polar bear in Norway.
    When the pandemic shut down the world in 2020, two female explorers were camping in a remote hut in Svalbard, Norway, with plans to overwinter in one of the challenging locations on Earth.
    From their isolated base ca...

  • Path of the Bear

    In a world from ancient times, wild brown bears have coexisted with humans for 6000 years in the mountains of Italy. Bear expert Chris Morgan travels to meet conservationists & locals on the frontline with one of the world’s rarest bears.

  • Waterton

    Grizzly bears have enjoyed increased protected in Alberta since 2006, challenging the ranchers of the Waterton Biosphere Reserve to find new ways to coexist with this powerful animal

  • Wildlife SOS: Sloth Bears

    Sloth bears at the Agra Rescue Facility, northern India - morning feeding and a scheduled medical treatment

    Camera: Joe Callahan

  • Borneo Jungle Diaries - series 2, episode 07

    Alex joins scientists Miriam Kunde and Wong Siew Te as they perform a health check on one of Borneo's least studied animals - the Sun Bear

  • Saving the Dancing Bears

    For over 400 years, in India, the rare Sloth Bear was targeted for human exploitation…first for the emperors, then as roadside entertainment for villagers and tourists who paid to watch the bears jump, conditioned after years of abuse by trainers.

    Given the ongoing legacy of cruelty, two indivi...