Borneo Ocean Diaries

Borneo Ocean Diaries

Join Alex Alexander as she explores the rich waters around her native island - Borneo

Borneo Ocean Diaries
  • Borneo Ocean Diaries - episode 01

    Alex learns to scuba dive as she embarks on her Borneo Ocean Diaries

  • Borneo Ocean Diaries - episode 02

    Alex does her first open water dive. Exploring the coral reefs of the Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park she encounters an endangered sea turtle and one of world’s most venomous snakes

  • Borneo Ocean Diaries - episode 03

    Alex travels to Mantani Island for a convention on sea turtles - there she meets up with Reef Check Malaysia and they discuss the importance of maintaining the environment in which the mammals live

  • Borneo Ocean Diaries - episode 04

    Alex spends the day on shrimp trawl boat and learns of the importance of sustainable fishing for local communities

  • Borneo Ocean Diaries - episode 05

    Alex visits Selingan, also know as Turtle Island.
    She witnesses the full life cycle of the mother sea turtle - from laying eggs on a beach at night to the emergence of the hatchlings and their race for survival to the open seas

  • Borneo Ocean Diaries - episode 06

    Alex returns to Mantanani Island and reconnects with the team from Reef Check Malaysia to see how plastic pollution is threatening the marine environment. She also finds out what the island community is doing to tackle the pollution

  • Borneo Ocean Diaries - episode 07

    Alex and scientist KC take a walk around the fish market in Sandakan where they come across baby sharks and stingrays for sale.
    KC explains the importance of sharks to a healthy marine ecosystem and how her research could improve the sustainability of the fishing industry and save sharks and rays.

  • Borneo Ocean Diaries - episode 08

    Alex and the MRF team dive below the waves to collect debris and marvel at the incredible marine life that lives in the reefs