British Wildlife Series

British Wildlife Series

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British Wildlife Series
  • British Wildlife Series -Episode 1- The British Countryside

    Getting close to nature as we travel around Britain’s wild spaces and become familiar with some of the plants, insects, and animal life you can expect to find there.

  • British Wildlife Series - Episode 2 - Common Toads: The Complete Guide

    There is not much common about The Common Toad other which can be found across the UK if you know where to find them. This informative guide is packed full of interesting facts about these elusive and beautiful toads and shares secrets on where to find them.

  • British Wildlife Series -Episode 3 -Toads On The Hunt

    This fun film follows the hunt of the Common Toad, informative and educational - come exploring with this dedicated little hunter.

  • British Wildlife Series - Episode 4 - Slow Worms Feeding At Night

    Elusive Slow worms are on the decline in the UK, this lovely film introduces the fascinating creature that is called a worm and looks like snake but is neither. This film follows slow worms out looking for their supper at night filmed on location at Totternhoe Nature Reserve.

  • British Wildlife Series - Episode 5- Finding Frogs & Slow Worms

    Slow worms, frogs and toads are common throughout the UK. At Totternhoe Wildlife Trust Nature Reserve, ‘herping’ is a way of tracking reptiles and amphibians and this fun insightful film teaches us how to do it.

  • British Wildlife Series -Episode 6- How To Create A Closed Terrarium

    Terrariums are a fun outdoors project. A terrarium is an enclosed ecosystem that can be self-sustaining, meaning you can have a slice of the natural world on your windowsill. They are great for relaxation, giving you a little chunk of nature to create and enjoy.

  • British Wildlife Series - Episode 7 - British Wildlife Newts

    There are three native Newt species in the UK: smooth, palmate, and great crested. Smooth Newts are the most widespread species across the country. Most active around dusk and dawn, feeding on a wide variety of aquatic invertebrates they can be found in ponds in parks as well as back gardens. Ne...

  • British Wildlife Series -Episode 8- British Wildlife Bees

    It’s springtime, and British gardens are buzzing with the sound of bees, collecting pollen and nectar from a variety of flowers and blossom. They’re attracted to the bright colours and sweet smells of the flowers which rely on the bees to distribute their pollen. This is known as cross-pollinatio...

  • British Wildlife Series - Episode 9 - Red Squirrels

    The Red Squirrel is the UK’s only native species of squirrel, and was once common across the UK, but now are listed as threatened due to the introduction of the non-native grey squirrels from America. Unfortunately Grey squirrels carry a disease, known as squirrel poxvirus, which does not effect ...

  • British Wildlife Series -Episode 10- Grey Squirrels

    A visit to London's Holland Park, encountering one of Britain’s cutest and best loved non-native mammals the Grey Squirrel. This American squirrel has become a common playful sight all across Britain in gardens and parks.

  • British Wildlife Series- Episode 11- Red Deer

    This films gets up close to Britain’s largest land mammal, the Red Deer in a fascinating study of this shy and beautiful beast.

  • British Wildlife Series -Episode 12 -Common Toad

    Whilst poking around under logs in Holland Park in London, we stumble upon one of the UK’s most common amphibians, the Common Toad (Bufo Bufo). Interesting facts about this intriguing and beguiling little beast.

  • British Wildlife Series -Episode 13- Common Frog

    The Common Frog can be found in garden and wild spaces all across the UK. This educational film give lots of fun facts to tell you everything you need to know about The Common Frog.

  • British Wildlife Series -Episode 14 - Roe Deer

    In Cumbria, encounter one of Britain’s most beautiful but elusive mammals, The Roe Deer. Packed full of useful facts about this film takes us up close to introduce this incredible animal.

  • British Wildlife Series -Episode 15- Slow Worms

    In Cumbria, encounter one of Britains strangest reptiles. Often referred to as Blindworm or Deaf Adder the Slow worm is actually a legless lizard that spends much of its time buried under logs where it keeps warm. Living up to 40 years this incredible lizard has plenty of secrets to share.

  • British Wildlife Series - Episode 16 - Frog and Slow Worm Fight

    Footage of a British common frog (Rana temporaria) wrestling with a giant slow worm (Anguis fragilis) over an earthworm that is arguably too large for the little amphibian!