California Mountain Lions

California Mountain Lions

This engaging series delves into rarely seen behaviours of California's Mountain Lions including basic biology, research techniques, mating and rearing cubs, movement and territory, ecology, genetics, toxin exposure, and human interactions and conflict with domestic animals.
In California, highways and development have fragmented what natural habitat remains for mountain lions in the state, and are primarily responsible for dividing the population into 10 distinct sub-populations.
This is causing a chain reaction: migrating lions are getting hit by cars or blocked in their movement, and mountain lions that are stuck are inbreeding. This inbreeding and high mortality rates from vehicle collisions (and other human causes) are putting some populations at risk of local extinction, especially those in 6 coastal mountain ranges in Southern and Central California. Recognition of this very real threat has resulted in a petition to list all 6 coastal subspecies as threatened under the California Endangered Species Act.
We hope to educate viewers on the importance of mountain lions to the ecosystem and what people can do to prevent their decline in our state.The information presented also applies to many other states where similar forces of development and human-related mortalities are threatening the persistence of this critical linchpin of healthy ecosystems. USA Dir. T. Winston Vickers

California Mountain Lions
  • California Mountain Lions Episode 1

    A quick historical background on the mountain lion in California, including its
    behaviors, habitats, threats, and its contribution to nature as an apex predator.

  • California Mountain Lions Episode 2

    To research mountain lions, scientists must capture wild lions and collect vital data which can determine potential threats and
    how we can help conserve them.

  • California Mountain Lions Episode 3

    Like any other animal, mountain lions have a specific way to breed and raise their young in order to ensure survival and continuation of the species.

  • California Mountain Lions Episode 4

    California provides mountain lions a wide range of habitats and as an extremely adaptable species, they can live anywhere there are adequate resources.

  • California Mountain Lions Episode 5

    Migration plays a significant role in mountain lions survival as it helps mix
    genetics throughout California, making the species stronger as a whole.

  • California Mountain Lions Episode 6

    At the top of the food chain, mountain lions help establish a stable ecosystem which creates a trickle-down effect; their prey can also affect them by exposing them to pathogens and toxins.

  • California Mountain Lions Episode 7

    Mountain lions are learning to adapt to our increasing presence in nature, which sometimes results in the depredation of domestic animals, and a grim ending for both parties.

  • California Mountain Lions Episode 8

    Several organizations throughout California are working hard to determine current threats to mountain lions and how populations can be preserved across the state; it takes a village to conserve wildlife so what can you do to help?

  • California Mountain Lions Episode 9

    In California, several mountain lion populations are separated from each
    other by development and highways, causing inbreeding within the populations to occur; genetic diversity and connectivity is crucial to the survival of these groups.