Explorer and biologist Niall McCann talks to extraordinary people around the world - people determined to create change and improve the health and well being of our planet

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  • ChangeMakers - Faith Doherty

    Niall McCann talks to Faith Doherty, one of the world's most fearless environmental activists. Over the years she has campaigned against nuclear weapons, the theft of natural resources and more recently against deforestation in south-east Asia

  • ChangeMakers - Joyce Poole

    Niall McCann talks to elephant biologist Joyce Poole about her career studying elephant communication and a lifetime of research in east Africa

  • ChangeMakers - Philip Lymbery

    Niall McCann talks to Phillip Lymbery, Global Chief Executive of Compassion in World Farming, the organisation which aims to end all factory farming processes.

  • ChangeMakers - Tom Mustill

    Niall McCann talks to film-maker Tom Mustill about his passion to preserve the planet and his work with teenage environmentalist Greta Thunberg

    14 October 2021

  • ChangeMakers - Will Travers

    Niall McCann talks to Will Travers, conservationist and co-founder of the Born Free Foundation

    26 November 2021

  • ChangeMakers - Damien Mander

    Niall McCann talks to Damien Mander - a former special forces soldier who founded the IAPF - an organisation that trains and employs teams of all-female rangers to combat poaching across southern Africa

    14 October 2021

  • ChangeMakers - Jenny Desmond

    Niall McCann talks to Jenny Desmond - a conservationist and wildlife activist. Jenny & her husband Jimmy run a sanctuary for rescue Chimpanzees in Liberia, west Africa - they have dedicated their lives to the rehabilitation of humankind's closest relative

    8 November 2021

  • ChangeMakers - Eunice Olumide

    Niall McCann talks to Eunice Olumide - actor, author, model and campaigner for sustainability in the fashion and textiles industries

    6 November 2021

  • ChangeMakers - Ralph Chami

    Niall McCann talks to Ralph Chami of the Institute for Capacity Development at the IMF. Ralph invented the economic model that quantifies the carbon capacity of marine mammals

    15 November 2021