Eco TrailBlazers

Eco TrailBlazers

Meet the folks forging paths to help preserve the planet's wildlife and environment

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Eco TrailBlazers
  • Eco Trailblazers - Lizzie Daly

    Lizzie Daly is a conservationist, wildlife biologist and filmmaker from Wales.
    She is passionate about ocean conservation and the protection of wild spaces on land. Lizzie is a true advocate for the great outdoors.

  • Eco TrailBlazers - Mahesh Bhatt

    Mahesh Bhatt is a vet with a passion for wild animals - he has worked extensively with cheetahs in east Africa and with elephants in south Asia

  • Eco TrailBlazers - Emily Stanford

    Emily Stanford is a conservationist, film-maker and biologist specialising in bats. Emily spends much of her time raising awareness of bats and their place in the ecosystem. Emily describes herself as a Bat Advocate

  • Eco TrailBlazers - James Levelle

    James Levelle is a committed environmentalist with a passion for adventure - his documentary 'Race for the Future' is an 11,000km journey from southern England to the capital of Chile made without the use of fossil fuel powered transport