Ecoflix Education: Ethics

Ecoflix Education: Ethics

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Ecoflix Education: Ethics
  • ChangeMakers - Damien Mander

    Episode 1

    Niall McCann talks to Damien Mander - a former special forces soldier who founded the IAPF - an organisation that trains and employs teams of all-female rangers to combat poaching across southern Africa

    14 October 2021

  • Sanctuary - Return to Freedom

    Episode 2

    Episode 3: Today in America, wild horses are in peril, as they are rounded up by government agencies and placed in holding pens.
    Return to Freedom is here to help.
    Founder Neda De Mayo calls for safe fertility programs in the wild and for those already caged, removing them to natural environmen...

  • Sanctuary - Elephant Nature Park

    Episode 3

    Elephant Nature Park is the vision of one woman - Lek Chailert. She has devoted her life to campaigning for the rights and welfare of Thailand’s majestic national symbol, and this film captures the quite extraordinary bond she has developed with the rescued elephants
    With Lek Chailert, Ryan Emers...

  • Sanctuary - Chimp Haven

    Episode 4

    Chimp Haven in Louisiana is the main home for chimpanzees retired from U.S Government bio-medical research facilities with six large forested areas, the animals are able to live their best chimp life. Meet the characters and the people who care for and love them.

    With Dame Jane Goodall, Dr. Rave...

  • Ecoflix Podcast with Lek Chailert (part 1)

    Episode 5

    Lek Chailert, the founder of Elephant Nature Park, shares her life stories about her career.

  • Ecoflix Podcast with Lek Chailert (Part 2)

    Episode 6

    Saengduean 'Lek' Chailert reveals the highs and lows of the challenges of running an elephant sanctuary in Thailand. From gun threats to Covid, a seat at parliament and a very prestigious honor from the President of France. Hosted by Ecoflix CEO David Casselman.

  • Free Billy

    Episode 7

    Taken from the wild in Malaysia as a baby, Billy was transported to Los Angeles Zoo. There he was cruelly trained to do tricks to amuse the visitors.
    Thirty years later, having led a mostly solitary life in the zoo, Billy exhibits symptoms of mental and physical distress.
    This powerful film foll...

  • Ecoflix Podcast with Leah Garcés

    Episode 8

    Leah Garcés is the CEO and president of Mercy For Animals. She has nearly 20 years of leadership experience in the animal protection movement and has partnered with some of the world’s largest food companies on her mission to build a better food system.

    Leah Garcés oversaw international campaign...

  • Women of the Gobi

    Episode 9

    Since the collapse of communism, the people of the Gobi have had to be more self-reliant and the women have emerged as leaders of new communities called Nukhaluls. The communities' accomplishments are inspiring others, spreading a grass roots democratic movement that is pioneering people-centered...

  • Joe Biden - US President

    Episode 10

    Joe Biden - national statements

  • Barack Obama - former US president

    Episode 11

    National statements - Barack Obama

  • Sir David Attenborough

    Episode 12

    Sir David Attenborough - Naturalist & Broadcaster

  • Elizabeth Wathuti - environmentalist, Kenya

    Episode 13

    Elizabeth Wathuti - environment & climate change activist - Kenya

  • Brianna Fruean - environmentalist, Samoa

    Episode 14

    Brianna Fruean - environment & climate change activist - Samoa

  • Txai Suruí - activist on behalf of the Amazon forest

    Episode 15

  • Boris Johnson - Former British Prime Minister

    Episode 16