Ecoflix Education: Geography

Ecoflix Education: Geography

4 Seasons

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Ecoflix Education: Geography
  • The Tigers of Thap Lan

    Episode 1

    With help from Global Conservation and WCS Thailand, tigers are now returning to Thap Lan National Park in central Thailand. Increased security and more efficient monitoring has enabled tigers to return to their former habitat, now a much safer place.

    NGO Global Conservation is dedicated to to ...

  • Sabah's Lost World

    Episode 2

    Home to pygmy elephants, clouded leopards, orangutangs and many other species, the Damai World Heritage Site in Sabah, Malaysian Borneo is one of south-east Asia’s last areas of pristine rain forest

    NGO Global conservation is fighting back with their partners.
    Their goal is no cut, no kill prot...

  • Ecoflix Podcast with Will Travers OBE

    Episode 3

    Will Travers OBE is an English director, writer, broadcaster and animal rights activist. He is president of the Born Free Foundation, Born Free USA and Species Survival Network. He is the son of English actors and wildlife campaigners Bill Travers and Virginia McKenna, Will shares an intimate con...

  • Oceans Of Value

    Episode 4

    Oceans of Values, commissioned by The Scottish Wildlife Trust, interviews 26 local people in Orkney about how they have seen the marine environment change and how they would like to see it managed in the future.
    It shares the magical and insightful story of Orkney’s marine environment and forms p...

  • The Last Stand

    Episode 5

    THE LAST STAND examines the urgent race to save the world's last remaining ancient forests and stop global warming. This emotive documentary, using the flashpoint of British Columbia's "Battle for the Trees" at Fairy Creek, examines the importance of keeping intact forest ecosystems: in North Am...

  • Beavers without Borders

    Episode 6

    Beavers used to be an integral part of the UK landscape but they were pushed to extinction over 400 years ago, hunted for their meat, oils and fur. With the loss of this species came the loss of balance and ultimately a less resilient environment. Restoring beavers helps with UK climate change an...

  • High Water Common Ground

    Episode 7

    As severe floods become more common communities and researchers around Britain are exploring ways to work with rather than against nature to manage flood waters

  • Belo Monte: After the Flood

    Episode 8

    A gripping account of the Belo Monte dam and how a trial was made possible following extensive flooding of the dam's main reservoir. The culture and lives of the indigenous population are changed forever, with no return. Whilst engineers at Norte Energia celebrated the test as a success.

  • The Evolution of Madagascar

    Episode 9

    Explores the island's remarkable ecosystems, how they came to be and how they are today. The forest may have all but disappeared, but the will to save what is left grows stronger by the day

  • Long Point

    Episode 10

    Ontario’s Long Point – the world’s longest freshwater sand spit is today lush with forests and wetlands - however the area is threatened by a European invader - the phragmites plant

  • Wet Tropics - Sue Gregory

    Episode 11

    Sue Gregory lives in Australia's Wet Tropics, a 900,000 hectare area of rain forest in north-west Queensland. Sue regards herself as a custodian of the forest and, as much as she can, lives in harmony with the local wildlife

  • Wet Tropics - Linc Walker

    Episode 12

    Linc Walker shows us around the coastal Mangrove swamps of north-west Queensland

  • Wet Tropics - Neil Hewett

    Episode 13

    Neil Hewett lives in Australia's oldest rainforest, also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, in north-west Queensland where everyday he see and experiences something new

  • Giants of Big Sur Episode 1 of 3

    Episode 14

    Go behind the scenes with Wilderness Documentarian Ross Thomas as he learns the amazing and inspiring stories of the critically endangered California condor. Ross meets the Ventana Wildlife Society experts who have been working since 1997 to restore these majestic giants to the wild Big Sur coast...

  • Giants of Big Sur - Episode 2 of 3

    Episode 15

    Through experiencing the work of Ventana Wildlife Society, Ross comes to understand the greatest threat to condors is lead ammunition. Ross meets Mike Stake, Non-Lead Ammunition Program Manager, who takes him to meet with a rancher in a key condor area to better understand these complex issues. T...

  • Giants of Big Sur - Episode 3 of 3

    Episode 16

    ​Joe shares rare archival footage of the 2008 Basin Complex fire that burned most of the Big Sur wilderness. We see Ventana Wildlife Society biologists climb a burned redwood tree to save baby condor, Phoenix. Later, we meet Iniko, who captured the world’s heart during the Dolan Fire in 2020. We ...

  • Ecstasies and Heartbreak on California's Coast

    Episode 17

    The continental plate of North America is drifting west at a speed of one inch per year. Although that doesn't sound like much, it's actually incredibly fast in geological terms. All of this activity gives California's coast a unique and rugged character. Few mammals are capable of making their h...

  • Ecoflix Podcast with Ian Redmond OBE

    Episode 18

    Our Founder and CEO of Ecoflix, launch our first ever Podcast with our very own Head of Conservation Ian Redmond about his incredible career in conservation with some brilliant stories about the legendary Sir David Attenborough.

  • Ecoflix Podcast with James Sawyer

    Episode 19

    James Sawyer is the Executive Director UK for IFAW. He is an experienced senior director, with a strong history of building and maintaining partnerships with Governments, Heads of State, NGOs, corporate entities and academia. Capable of developing high-functioning global teams, across challengin...

  • Ecoflix Podcast with Robin Hanbury-Tenison

    Episode 20

    David Casselman, Founder and CEO of Ecoflix interviews Robin Hanbury-Tenison OBE, DL, Dsc, Dhc, MA, FLS, FRGS. Robin is an explorer with a conscience. He has spent much of his life traveling in the world's rainforests and deserts and campaigning to protect both them and their people. One of the f...