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Watch this video and more on Ecoflix | Empowering Change

Ecoflix Education: Science

It's Your Planet Too - Ep3: Solar Culture

Season 3, Episode 77 • 6m 53s

Up Next in Science: Ages 7-11

  • It's Your Planet Too - Ep4: Fuel from...

    What Happens to Your Garbage? Making, fuel From Trash Using Hyper-Speed and Composting. You probably know that we humans make a lot of garbage. We use stuff and we throw it away, everyday. You may also know that we use a lot of fuel, especially fossil fuels like coal to create electricity for our...

  • It's Your Planet Too - Ep5: Zero Waste

    Food Waste and the Waste Stream - How We Can Achieve Zero Waste
    Today at HOPE Headquarters, we’re talking about the waste stream, and a
    concept called zero waste. You know, many of us use stuff at home and at
    school, and then throw away whatever’s left that we don’t need. Some of it
    may go in the...

  • Planet Bonehead - Episode 3: H-2-Oh No!

    JP Rothbone and his Sniveling Cronies have designed an amazing water filtration system that would allow everyone on Earth to have pure, clean drinking water. In true Rothbone fashion though, JP sets off to pollute ALL the Earth's water so that everyone would need his filter. While searching for J...