• Sanctuary - Elephant Nature Park

    Elephant Nature Park is the vision of one woman - Lek Chailert. She has devoted her life to campaigning for the rights and welfare of Thailand’s majestic national symbol, and this film captures the quite extraordinary bond she has developed with the rescued elephants

  • ChangeMakers - Joyce Poole

    Niall McCann talks to elephant biologist Joyce Poole about her career studying elephant communication and a lifetime of research in east Africa

  • Free Billy

    Taken from the wild in Malaysia as a baby, Billy was transported to Los Angeles Zoo. There he was cruelly trained to do tricks to amuse the visitors.
    Thirty years later, having led a mostly solitary life in the zoo, Billy exhibits symptoms of mental and physical distress.
    This powerful film foll...

  • Eco TrailBlazers - Mahesh Bhatt

    Mahesh Bhatt is a vet with a passion for wild animals - he has worked extensively with cheetahs in east Africa and with elephants in south Asia

  • Going Wild with John & James Episode 1

    John and James have a scary stand-off with a young bull elephant - and a magical encounter with a lioness and her cubs

  • Wildlife SOS: Elephant Sanctuary

    Join the elephants at the Elephant Conservation and Care Center on their morning walk which takes them out into the plains - We also are with one of the elephants as a veterinarian works on his feet and tumors in his skin

    Director of photography - Joe Callahan

  • Eleflix
    38 items


    38 items

  • On Safari with Nala - Elephant Dung

    Nala demonstrates the many and varied used of elephant dung

    Instagram: shaun_malan_photography

  • Lara visits the Serengeti - Elephants

    Lara observes a family of elephants gathered by the side of lake

    Created by Lara Jackson, George Benjamin and Asilia Africa. To keep up with their work, follow them on Instagram @lara_wildlife | @georgetheexplorer | @asiliaafrica
    Web: www.larawildlife.co.uk | www.georgetheexplorer.com | www.asil...

  • Vigil4Elephants

    International Candlelight Vigil4Elephants held on January 15, 2022 to remember and honor the Elephants who died in captivity during 2021

  • Borneo Jungle Diaries - series 2, episode 06

    Alex joins zoologist Syasya Jee as she sets out to find and research the feeding habits of Borneo's largest animal - the elephant