Wildlife Conservation Film Festival

  • Dark-Green: Alone in the Amazon

    it used to be on Earth that nature was everywhere, there were tribes of humans. We were the islands of civilisation in an ocean of green. Now nature has become small islands in vast nation of us, humans. In the Amazon, the original way of life, still exists.

  • Nipalensis: When Nature Goes Wrong

    The Spanish imperial eagle is one the the rarest animals on the planet. On the brink of extinction, the last specimens they live on the Iberian peninsular surrounded by strict protection measures. Its population is distributed by the areas where rabbits are most abundant, which constitutes the ba...

  • Tarangire: Our Heritage, Our Future

    A Tanzania People and Wildlife Production in association with Ngoteya wild. Yamati Lengai was born in Manyara which borders the Tarangine National Park, and is a conservationist who is championing the heritage and the future of the park. The area was declared a wildlife reserve in 1957 and in 197...

  • Saving the Last Tuskers

    Imagine a planet without Elephants? They are the gardeners of the ecosystem. Tsavo, Kenya is an ecosystem in itself, the park covers 22,000 square kilometers. and if the mega herbivore was not there, then there it would get covered in wooded vegetation very quickly. This allows other animal speci...

  • Saving Kauai's Seabirds

    The Hawaii islands are one of the most isolated island chains in the world, the species here have evolved into an incredible array of organisms that have helped shape the landscape. Sadly the challenges of the arrival of humans, Hawaii is now known as the worlds extinction capital. As populations...

  • Pepperwood: Rising From The Ashes

    Pepperwood is on a path to provide that provides a significant benefit to plants, people and animals. Its mission is to inspire conservation through science, as a living laboratory to measure weather, water and all the ecosystem indicators. It also services as an education centre where people of ...

  • Vanrakshak - Protectors of the Paradise

    The magic of these jungles attracts both tourists and sadly poachers, this film is dedicated to those 'protectors', who would do anything to protect the delicate ecological balance that these precious jungles provide.

  • Keepers of the Shy Place

    On the tiny island of St. Paul, Alaska, marine debris is taking its toll on the ecosystem - especially the northern fur seal, a species of enormous cultural significance to the Unungan people who call this place home

  • Melita - The Native Honey Bee

    In the beginning, people and the honey bees lived together, but people wanted a quiet life, as it was loud where the bees were. So the people moved on and created an oasis of their own, washing away the honey and with it, the scent give back to the bees.

  • Kala Wewa

    Built by an ancient king, Kala Weja is a reservoir and nature reserve in north-central Sri Lanka. In the dry season, the emerging idle becomes home to a heard of about 60 elephants - several of which are 'tuskers'

    Producer: Mahendra Perera
    Director: Thivanka R Perera

  • Unbroken

    Scientists and environmentalists work to try to keep open the Mayan Forest Corridor - a short and thinning strip of forest that connects Belize's two main national parks, both home to healthy Jaguar populations

  • Exploring the Pacific Northwest

    This film journeys through the natural environments of North America's Pacific Northwest - from volcanic mountain ranges, to coastal shorelines, open drylands and more. Within these diverse ecosystems, a variety of species have helped shape and maintain their own habitats. The natural environment...

  • Lost Along The Line

  • Your Tiger, Our Forest

    The thousand square kilometre Bhramapuri forest in central India - where 47 adult tigers and their cubs live alongside around 600 villages.
    This is the story of how the tigers and villagers co-exist.

    Director: Ishan Sharma
    Producers: Ishan Sharma & Christopher J Gervais