Geography: Year 1-3

Geography: Year 1-3

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Geography: Year 1-3
  • Borneo Jungle Diaries - series 2, episode 05

    Alex joins the DGFC team on a mission to capture and collar one of the world's rarest cats - Borneo's Sunda clouded leopard

  • Borneo Jungle Diaries - series 2, episode 02

    Alex accompanies expert primatologist Danica Stark on a night search for one of Borneo's oddest creatures - the Tarsier

  • Borneo Jungle Diaries - series 2, episode 01

    Alex joins primatologist Maz on a mission to spot one of the world's strangest looking primates - the famous proboscis monkey

  • Borneo Jungle Diaries - series 2, episode 03

    Alex joins pangolin expert Elisa Panjang to see first hand the importance of scientific research and education in the fight to protect the worlds most trafficked animal - the pangolin

  • Borneo Jungle Diaries - series 2, episode 04

    Alex helps Koko install a new home for some hornbills, Borneo's most recognisable birds, high up in the forest canopy

  • Eco TrailBlazers - Mahesh Bhatt

    Mahesh Bhatt is a vet with a passion for wild animals - he has worked extensively with cheetahs in east Africa and with elephants in south Asia

  • The Tigers of Thap Lan

    With help from Global Conservation and WCS Thailand, tigers are now returning to Thap Lan National Park in central Thailand. Increased security and more efficient monitoring has enabled tigers to return to their former habitat, now a much safer place.

    NGO Global Conservation is dedicated to to ...

  • South-East Asia's last forests

    NGO Global Conservation is focused on saving the last 5% of Asia’s intact tropical forests