Geography: Year 4-7

Geography: Year 4-7

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Geography: Year 4-7
  • It's Your Planet Too - Ep5: Zero Waste

    Food Waste and the Waste Stream - How We Can Achieve Zero Waste
    Today at HOPE Headquarters, we’re talking about the waste stream, and a
    concept called zero waste. You know, many of us use stuff at home and at
    school, and then throw away whatever’s left that we don’t need. Some of it
    may go in the...

  • It's Your Planet Too - Ep1: Tipping Point

    What Can Kids Do About Climate Change? - Mission: Tipping Point - The term “tipping point” is used in science to describe some sort of “point of no return”, or the moment at which some event becomes unstoppable.
    In physics, we might have some kind of object just sitting there, perfectly

  • Natural World Facts - Wildlife of Richmond Park

    Richmond Park in England is home to an abundance of wildlife, from majestic Red Deer to Stag Beetles. Explore the biodiversity of this unique ecosystem and join us as we look for wildlife in one of the Britain’s oldest National Parks.

  • A Violent Past

    We travel back in time to before Zealandia drifted away from Gondwana and learn what New Zealand looked like when massive volcanic eruptions were occurring. We discover what caused these events and how they influenced the formation of New Zealand as it is today

  • A Threatening Presence

    How do humans live in harmony with the titanic power of volcanism? What are the benefits and cultural impacts? How does volcanism enhance our daily lives? How can we mitigate the risks?
    And what is the current state of volcanology science?

  • Coral Reefs, The Lungs of our planet

    An incredible secret underwater realm lies beneath our oceans. A rare and close-up view into some of the world’s most exotic marine species from moray eels, barracuda, corals, sharks, fish and pacific cleaner shrimp.

  • Exploring the Pacific Northwest

    This film journeys through the natural environments of North America's Pacific Northwest - from volcanic mountain ranges, to coastal shorelines, open drylands and more. Within these diverse ecosystems, a variety of species have helped shape and maintain their own habitats. The natural environment...

  • The Last Stand

    THE LAST STAND examines the urgent race to save the world's last remaining ancient forests and stop global warming. This emotive documentary, using the flashpoint of British Columbia's "Battle for the Trees" at Fairy Creek, examines the importance of keeping intact forest ecosystems: in North Am...