Geography: Year 8-9

Geography: Year 8-9

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Geography: Year 8-9
  • Coral Reefs, The Lungs of our planet

    An incredible secret underwater realm lies beneath our oceans. A rare and close-up view into some of the world’s most exotic marine species from moray eels, barracuda, corals, sharks, fish and pacific cleaner shrimp.

  • A Threatening Presence

    How do humans live in harmony with the titanic power of volcanism? What are the benefits and cultural impacts? How does volcanism enhance our daily lives? How can we mitigate the risks?
    And what is the current state of volcanology science?

  • A Violent Past

    We travel back in time to before Zealandia drifted away from Gondwana and learn what New Zealand looked like when massive volcanic eruptions were occurring. We discover what caused these events and how they influenced the formation of New Zealand as it is today

  • Going Wild with John & James Episode 1

    John and James have a scary stand-off with a young bull elephant - and a magical encounter with a lioness and her cubs

  • Going Wild with John & James Episode 2

    Join John & James as they get a spectacular view of the Okavango Delta by helicopter - including a rare sighting of a leopard kill from the air

  • Going Wild with John & James Episode 3

    The engaging duo set up a luxury mobile safari camp before welcoming their first guests of the season. Among memorable encounters are threatening hippos, a huge herd of zebra and several baby giraffes.

  • Going Wild with John & James Episode 4

    John and James head out into the Delta on a photographic mission, gathering images to help promote their safaris. Encounters with hippos, elephants and giraffes make for some stunning photos.

  • Going Wild with John & James Episode 5

    John and James have seen many amazing sights living and working in Botswana's wildlife paradise, but an unprecedented encounter leaves them awestruck, counting their good fortune.

  • Disappearing Souls

    Filmed in the disappearing low land rain-forests in Borneo, we see the effect on local wildlife including the endangered Orangutans that populate it.

  • The Lessons of the Loess Plateau

    The people of China's Loess Plateau were some of the earliest adopters of settled agriculture, approximately 10,000 years ago. They worked hard and over time built the most accomplished civilisations that the world has ever seen. Their history illustrates the impacts the humans have had on the ea...

  • A Steppe Ahead

    Can an ambitious conservation plan save the underdeveloped Eastern Mongolian Steppe's, the last bio-region of its type, from development ruin? Filmmaker John D. Liu travels to Mongolia to find out.