Global Conservation

Global Conservation

NGO Global Conservation works with partners and supporters to protect National Parks and UNESCO World Heritage Sites in developing countries

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Global Conservation
  • Wildlife Of Mirador

    The vast Mirador National Park is north-eastern Guatemala is home to most of central America indigenous species

    NGO Global Conservation is committed to ensuring a future for this environment its inhabitants

  • Defending Mirador National Park

    Mirador National Park in north-east Guatemala contains the largest remaining intact forest and wildlife habitat in Central America. The park is threatened daily by poaching, illegal land clearance and illegal logging.
    In the US Senate a bill has been proposed to give US$150 million over ten yea...

  • Stop Extinction

    Human impact is driving the mass extinction of life on earth - over a million species, plant and animal, are in the verge of extinction.
    In the last 50 years 80% of Asia'a forests and 50% fo the Amazon have been destroyed - what remains is essential the survival of the earth's surviving species i...

  • Battle for Borjomi

    Borjomi Kharagauli is the Republic of Georgia's oldest and largest national park - it is home to most of the endangered species of the Caucuses. Logging, hunting, trapping and intimidation are the main issues that the park's rangers face.

    NGO Global Conservation is working with the park author...

  • Sabah's Lost World

    Home to pygmy elephants, clouded leopards, orangutangs and many other species, the Damai World Heritage Site in Sabah, Malaysian Borneo is one of south-east Asia’s last areas of pristine rain forest

    NGO Global conservation is fighting back with their partners.
    Their goal is no cut, no kill prot...

  • The Tigers of Thap Lan

    With help from Global Conservation and WCS Thailand, tigers are now returning to Thap Lan National Park in central Thailand. Increased security and more efficient monitoring has enabled tigers to return to their former habitat, now a much safer place.

    NGO Global Conservation is dedicated to to ...

  • South-East Asia's last forests

    NGO Global Conservation is focused on saving the last 5% of Asia’s intact tropical forests

  • Crisis in Cambodia's Cardamon Mountains

    NGO Wildlife Alliance and Cambodian National Park Rangers team up to protect the wildlife and forests of south-east Asia's least explored mountain range