Hope On The Hudson River Stories

Hope On The Hudson River Stories

‘Hope on the Hudson’ is a series of short films focused on good news from our Hudson Valley in Upstate New York

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Hope On The Hudson River Stories
  • Hope On The Hudson: Growing with the Grain

    Upstate New York used to be a breadbasket of grain growing. Westward expansion yielded more ideal climates for growing and production shifted to the midwest.
    Scientists, farmers, bakers and brewers take part in a grain trial test that hopes to produce a new generation of grain suited for the nor...

  • Hope On the Hudson: Seeds of Hope

    From planting to harvest, follow the St. Regis Mohawk Tribe at Akwesasne, the Hudson Valley Farm Hub and Seedshed as they honor Native American seeds that are at risk of disappearing. Can they preserve their rich agricultural heritage and the stories that each seed holds?

  • Hope On The Hudson: Source to Sea

    Communities along the Hudson ask "How's the water?",Citizen scientists work to reveal an answer.
    In partnership with volunteer citizen samplers, Hudson Riverkeeper tests select tributaries of the Hudson for fecal-indicating bacteria and other water quality indicators. These samples are collected ...

  • Hope On The Hudson: Keeping Carbon

    Carbon is life. When balanced, in its rights place, it's critical to our biosphere. When out of balance, in the wrong place, its proven to have dire consequences.
    Hudson Valley farmers have been dealing with the impacts of a changing climate for several years now, impacts that range from too much...

  • Hope On The Hudson: Farmscape Ecology

    Farming is ever-evolving. Today, when we think about what’s to come next for farmers a key question is, “How do we produce food and still maintain a livelihood for farmers, while respecting the needs of other organisms with which we share the land.
    A film by Jon Bowermaster