The International Fund for Animal Welfare believe in a better future for all animals

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  • Dolphins Mass Stranding

    In August 2020, IFAW experienced is biggest mass stranding of 45 dolphins where trained volunteer responders worked tirelessly and did all they could to help

  • Jaguar rehabilitation & release

    In Mexico's Yucatan peninsula a young jaguar strays into the resort city of Cancun and is hit by a vehicle. IFAW and it's partner organisation in the region take on the treatment and rehabilitation of the animal, now names Covi, and organise his release back into the wild

  • Team Lioness

    IFAW create Team Lioness - a unit of all women Masi rangers for it's temBoma wildlife sanctuary in Kenya

  • Koala Corridor

    IFAW and partner organisation Bangalow Koalas work together to plant a 50km corridor of trees to link two fragmented populations of Koalas in the Northern Rivers area of New South Wales, Australia

  • Waterholes in Hwange National Park

    IFAW and ZimParks work together to significantly increase the capacity and number of pans (water holes) in Hwange, Zimbabwe's largest national park

  • Safe Haven for Tigers

    Kept in poor conditions by a private owner for most of his life white tiger Clarence now lives at the Safe Haven Wildlife Sanctuary in Imlay, Nevada.
    Regular inbreeding can causes the fur of some tigers to be white - white tigers are much sough after by circus and private owners - but the inbreed...