It's Your Planet Too!

It's Your Planet Too!

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It's Your Planet Too!
  • It's Your Planet Too - Ep1: Tipping Point

    What Can Kids Do About Climate Change? - Mission: Tipping Point - The term “tipping point” is used in science to describe some sort of “point of no return”, or the moment at which some event becomes unstoppable.
    In physics, we might have some kind of object just sitting there, perfectly

  • It's Your Planet Too - Ep5: Zero Waste

    Food Waste and the Waste Stream - How We Can Achieve Zero Waste
    Today at HOPE Headquarters, we’re talking about the waste stream, and a
    concept called zero waste. You know, many of us use stuff at home and at
    school, and then throw away whatever’s left that we don’t need. Some of it
    may go in the...

  • It's Your Planet Too - Ep4: Fuel from Trash

    What Happens to Your Garbage? Making, fuel From Trash Using Hyper-Speed and Composting. You probably know that we humans make a lot of garbage. We use stuff and we throw it away, everyday. You may also know that we use a lot of fuel, especially fossil fuels like coal to create electricity for our...

  • It's Your Planet Too - Ep3: Solar Culture

    Solar Culture - Think Outside the Box
    About Solar
    You might already know that a solar farm is a piece of land where we set up a huge number of solar panels to generate electricity from the Sun’s energy.
    You may have seen these farms in pictures or videos, or maybe you have
    some near where you liv...

  • It's Your Planet Too - Ep2: Solar Batteries

    Solar Batteries for Kids - Next Generation. You may be used to seeing solar panels on the roofs of building and houses. And maybe you’ve seen some solar farms near where you live. The technology behind solar panels has been available since before you were born. But what you may not know is that t...