Over and Above Africa

Over and Above Africa

We protect animals in crisis and improve wildlife conditions by funding projects helmed by their guardians on-the-ground. We place a lens on the interdependency between animals and local communities. Through funding short and long-range projects, community involvement and education impacts sustainability measures and increases the survival rates for all.

We share this planet with all its wildlife and if we are to survive, we must find a way to do this harmoniously. We fund and mentor local initiatives that are often outside the scope of the larger wildlife organizations, and who are too often overlooked so not provided the same financial ground cover. However, our experience has shown us that these community projects, improve conditions for the villagers and endangered species fairly rapidly, promoting good-will and project success, which leads to more opportunities for these initiatives.

We believe in the power of a common goal, and we endeavor to connect nonprofits with each other, and to communities that are aligned with their mandates to form a conservation community. We help tear down the self-imposed walls between NGO’s and unite us to focus in solving these critical issues.

Over and Above Africa
  • Over and Above Africa: Cheetah Relocation Project

    To strengthen the gene pool of endangered cheetahs, some game reserves in Africa have exchange programs set up with other reserves to share their big cats. This also increases the global cheetah population, which is sadly under 5,000 in the wild right now.
    The Cheetah Relocation Project at Many...

  • Over and Above Africa: Educating About Rhino Dehorning

    Nomusa Zikhali oversees 24 schools in her homeland, South Africa. Working with Nomusa and Simon Naylor at Phinda and their amazing team of rangers, veterinarians and staff in an educational rhino dehorning trip for children in South Africa .
    Nomusa Zikhali was featured in “Breaking Their Silence...

  • Over and Above Africa: Boots For Rangers

    While the Over and Above Africa team was walking out on patrol with the anti-poaching unit at Nambiti in KwaZulu-Natal, they observed how little equipment and fundamental supplies the rangers had. When they returned they held our very first fundraiser; “Boots for Rangers” and they provided not o...

  • Over and Above Africa: Kruger Park Bicycle Hand Over

    Bicycles are critical for Rangers to get to work protecting animals in the Kruger National Park.
    Our NGO partner https://www.overandaboveafrica.com has donated bicycles for rangers.

  • Over and Above Africa: Pangolin Telemetry

    Nicci Wrights’ groundbreaking pangolin tracking and telemetry program desperately needed equipment to tag and follow some new pangolins admitted to their rehabilitation centre.
    This film shows how https://www.overandaboveafrica.com helped rangers successfully keep eyes on them.

  • Ecoflix Podcast with Kerry David

    Kerry David has been working in the Hollywood film industry for over 25 years.
    In 2014, she raised over $500,000 crowdfunding for various non-profits, productions and artists.
    She was sidelined after learning about the silent war on endangered species due to commercial poaching and the human/wi...

  • Kerry Davids 'Breaking Their Silence' Teaser

    Kerry Davids teaser to Breaking Their Silence: Women on the Frontline of the Poaching War is a documentary through the eyes of the dynamic women who are fighting silently on the frontlines. Daily they risk their lives to protect our endangered wildlife.
    For more please visit https://www.overandab...

  • A Guardian

    What is the collective noun for a group of drones? A flock? A watch? A sentinel? A guardian as it turns out.
    ‘A Guardian’ is a glorious drone-shot film for charity Over & Above Africa, using collective nouns to romance the beauty of animal groups across Africa.
    But at the same time highlighting...