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Watch this video and more on Ecoflix | Empowering Change

Watch this video and more on Ecoflix | Empowering Change

Up Next in Wildlife Conservation Film Festival 2022

  • Homes for Hoppers

    Home For Hoppers - A huge insect fanatic finds out that Britain’s largest and rarest grasshopper, the large marsh grasshopper, needs help to avoid extinction in the UK.

  • Restoration: 10,000 Bison in a Suitca...

    10,00 Bison in a Suitcase - What is the future of bison conservation and restoration? Can Parks Canada continue to practice the current costly methods or is there a better way? The short film looks at the work being carried out behind the scenes for the future of bison restoration and conservation.

  • The Cult of The Natural History of Me...

    Cult of the Natural History of Mexico is a project that aims to celebrate and offer the biodiversity of this land full of ecological complexity and geographical benefits. This work represents Miguel Ángel Sicilia's career as a wildlife filmmaker and is his legacy for future generations.