Science: Year 10-11

Science: Year 10-11

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Science: Year 10-11

    This is the story of one of the 1,100 teams competing for the US$100 million XPRIZE for carbon removal - join CROPS on their journey to capture a billion tonnes of carbon, and safely store it

  • A Violent Past

    We travel back in time to before Zealandia drifted away from Gondwana and learn what New Zealand looked like when massive volcanic eruptions were occurring. We discover what caused these events and how they influenced the formation of New Zealand as it is today

  • Beneath New Zealand: Volcanoes

    New Zealand's alpine environment reflects the powerful influence of the tectonic and erosive forces. The collision of continental plates pushes the mountains upwards while the landscape is being torn down and sculpted by the effects of snow, ice, wind, water, and seismic events.

  • We Unite

    Every January hundreds of tractors drive to Berlin to support the 'We Are Fed Up' demonstration