The André Musgrove Collection

The André Musgrove Collection

André Musgrove is an Underwater Cinematographer and DP, Underwater Photographer, Professional Free-diver, Spear-fisherman, Underwater Stunt Performer, and Private Dive Guide born and based in The Bahamas. Having grown up diving in The Bahamas gives him a vast knowledge of the country's best underwater locations and marine wildlife hotspots.

The André Musgrove Collection
  • Child of the Cenote

    A female free-diver embarks on an underwater journey throughout the underwater caves of the Mexican Yucatan Peninsula, called Cenotes. She follows the light that shines within the deepest and darkest part of the caves only to discover something she least expects. This entire film was shot free-di...

  • Sharks of South Africa

    A modern take (2010) on the incredible marine life and dangerous predators of South Africa with a partnership with the charity community group Karmagawa, to help with their latest projects (education and research) to learn first-hand about their conservation efforts surrounding the sharks in thei...

  • Diving The Dragon

    A team of international divers discover the most amazing underwater eco-system with spectacular footage of these dynamic and rare reefs, which include film of Moray eels, Stingrays and Turtles. They also explore the islands for a trip to discover where Monkeys, Deer and even Komodo dragons live.

  • Coral Reefs, The Lungs of our planet

    An incredible secret underwater realm lies beneath our oceans. A rare and close-up view into some of the world’s most exotic marine species from moray eels, barracuda, corals, sharks, fish and pacific cleaner shrimp.

  • Deep in Thought

    A hypnotic short film about the marine life in the ocean, ranging from incredible corals, lobsters, sea turtles, cuttlefish and the love shared by an owner and her beloved dog.