The Pulse

The Pulse

'The Pulse' is a weekly magazine programme looking at current issues relating to wildlife and the environment around the world

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The Pulse
  • The Pulse - episode 10

    This week - A team of International scientists release simulated whale poo to capture carbon from the oceans, the French government bans the use of plastic to wrap fruit and vegetables in supermarkets, Cats in Fremantle, Western Australia, are put on the lead to try to stop them killing native bi...

  • The Pulse - episode 09

    This week - the South African Government gives Shell the go-ahead to do a seismic blasting survey of the country's coastal seabed to look for oil & gas, taking a look at the shortlisted pictures for this year's Wildlife Photographer of the Year Award and the best way to transport rhinos under sed...

  • The Pulse - episode 08

    This week - First nation chief wins prestigious international award for the protest of her people against the construction of a gas pipeline on her tribal lands in western Canada, the annual spawning of Australia’s great barrier reef and growing apple trees from shoes

  • The Pulse - episode 07

    This week - one of Russia's leading eco-activists is awarded a prestigious international prize, giant clams pillaged from the seas around The Philippines are being used as an alternative to ivory in China and the latest technology in renewable energy generation is tested in the seas around the Fa...

  • The Pulse - episode 06

    This week - prizewinning efforts to recycle India's rubbish mountains, the truth behind vehicle tyre wear and reforesting large areas of the Scottish highlands

    1 December 2021

  • The Pulse - episode 05

    This week - the prize winning invention that converts crop waste into fuel and fertiliser, news from Nepal that the number of tigers in Chitwan National Park has doubled over the last ten years and celebrity chef Marco Pierre White rolls out a vegan 3D printed steak substitute across his restaura...

  • The Pulse - episode 04

    This week - after all the talk the outcomes of COP26, the dramatic increase of Loggerhead turtles in the Cape Verde islands and a new initiative across west Africa to protect the region's chimpanzees

    17 November 2021

  • The Pulse - episode 03

    This week - the latest news from the UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, making fuel out of animal waste and the campaign to Free Billy, an asian elephant being kept at Los Angeles zoo

    10 November 2021

  • The Pulse - episode 02

    This week - Earthshot Prize winners Coral Vita and their efforts to regenerate coral reefs, the carbon footprint of pets and protest sculptures made from discarded plastic

    3 November 2021

  • The Pulse - episode 01

    This week - signs of a global decline in meat eating, the ban on certain types of hunting in South Africa and alternatives to leather made out of discarded pineapple and banana leaves

    27 October 2021