WCFF 2022 - Birds, Flora and Fauna

WCFF 2022 - Birds, Flora and Fauna

From Counting Cranes to a Trout with Feathers, exotic flora, and wild gardens- an abundance of floral technicolor awaits.

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WCFF 2022 - Birds, Flora and Fauna
  • We Trees

    Ever wonder what trees think of us, now that we have created a global climate crisis? This 2 minute film gives trees a chance to talk.

  • Giants of Big Sur California Condor Stories (Trailer)

    Go behind the scenes with Wilderness Documentarian Ross Thomas as he learns the amazing and inspiring stories of the critically endangered California condor.

  • Flight of the Puffin (Trailer)

    Ethnographic observational documentary about an island community off the south coast of Iceland and their relationship with puffins. The locals have always shared their land with large colonies of these charismatic seabirds and many traditions have been born of co-existence. These include two pro...

  • Purple Haze (Trailer)

    Purple Haze, A Conservation Film - After millions of years of evolution, treacherous migrations, and forming a unique relationship with humans, North America’s largest swallow species, the Purple Martin, has managed to become almost completely dependent on man-made structures to nest & rear thei...

  • Tree with Orange Rings (Trailer)

    The Trees With Orange Rings tells the story of a family of great gray owls in the Bridger Mountains of Montana whose habitat is threatened by a logging project. A beautiful, old-growth Douglas fir forest marked by the U.S. Forest Service with orange rings painted on trees provides a backdrop to t...

  • Rhapsody For A Rock Wren

    Set in the rugged wilds of New Zealand, Rhapsody for a Rock Wren is a filmmaker’s personal exploration of the human-nature connection through her relationship with a tiny alpine bird. This award-winning, beautifully-crafted film takes an honest look at the different and sometimes conflicting ways...

  • Rhapsody for a Rock Wren (Trailer)

  • Nature's Magic Moments (Trailer)

    Nature's Magic Moments - lets us see nature with new eyes! Unique animal behaviour, brilliant super slow motion and amazing time lapse allow us to immerse ourselves in an unknown world, where every moment is a feast for the senses.
    Nature is full of surprises, but all too often they escape our p...

  • Grounded (Trailer)

    GROUNDED explores the topic of lead poisoning in scavengers, particularly golden eagles, who feed on carcasses that were killed with lead bullets.

  • Extremadura (Trailer)

    Extremadura A Natural Paradise in Europe - A paradise of natural life awaits those who accompany us to explore Extremadura.
    The variety and richness of its animal and plant biodiversity is such that it is an unrepeatable trip on the European continent.
    Our documentary feature film will travel fro...

  • Counting Cranes (Trailer)

    Counting Cranes - Imagine trying to count hundreds of thousands of birds in a matter of seconds. This is what Andy Caven does every spring… from a plane. In March, upwards of a million sandhill cranes pass through Nebraska's central Platte River Valley. For the past 20 years, the Crane Trust has ...