WCFF 2022 Cats, Bears, Wolves & Rhinos

WCFF 2022 Cats, Bears, Wolves & Rhinos

From the Okavango to British Columbia, Zimbabwe to Sri Lanka, follow the lives of some of the world's most iconic animals.

WCFF 2022 Cats, Bears, Wolves & Rhinos
  • Wolves on the Margin (Trailer)

    In August of 2021, Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks Commissioners voted to remove wolf hunting quotas from management units bordering Yellowstone National Park, effectively declaring open season on animals that generate ~$82 million from out-of-state tourists for Yellowstone gateway communities....

  • Save the Horns (Trailer)

  • Save the Horns (Trailer)

    Rhinos are dying. Poaching, habitat loss, and genetic fragmentation have collectively pushed rhino populations to the brink of extinction. Illegal and deadly horn poaching is far and wide the greatest threat to rhinos. To deter this gruesome practice often calls for extreme measures… like chainsa...

  • Sri Lanka: Leopard Dynasty (Trailer)

    Sri Lanka’s lowlands are home to one of the highest leopard populations on earth. It’s in these lowland jungles the Sri Lankan Leopard – the apex predator of the country – resides.

  • Return of the Rhino (Trailer)

    In 2021, black rhino returned to the wilds of Gonarezhou. This is a story about hope, about the relationship between people and wilderness and about evaluating the worth of a wild landscape.

  • Kalahari (Trailer)

    Kalahari, Land of Secret Alliances - New science from world experts reveals that collaboration plays a major role in animal evolution.
    And there is no better region of the world where this is more vividly on display than in the mighty Kalahari desert in southern Africa.

  • Facing Grizzlies (Trailer)

    Facing Grizzlies - Few people venture into bear country hoping to stand mere metres from a grizzly and film it face to face. Over the past 40 years, that’s exactly what wildlife cinematographer Phil Timpany has done thousands of times. Facing Grizzlies follows his extraordinary journey and heart-...

  • The Silence of the Impenetrable (Trailer)

    Silence of the Impenetrable - An Italian by the name of Roseo is brutally murdered. As the only owner of 230,000 hectares in the north of Argentina its future is cast in doubt. Before this natural paradise disappears, different NGO ́s achieve something unbelievable in the country.

  • Deep In The Heart (Trailer)

    Deep in the Heart is a visually stunning celebration of what makes Texas unique — its diverse landscapes and remarkable wildlife behaviour that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

  • In The Shade Of Rhinos (Trailer)

    Rhinos have been poached for years because of the high price of their horns on the black market. These endangered species are going to be extinct if things don't change.

  • Yellowstone 88 (Trailer )

    In the summer of 1988 dry lightning sparked a fire in the parched and drought ridden landscape of Yellowstone Park igniting a blaze that would scorch over 1.5 million perimeter acres of the park. Song of Fire, the narrative poem that guides the animation, tells the story of this conflagration tha...