WCFF 2022  - Conservation

WCFF 2022 - Conservation

Never before has the conservation of our wildlife and their habitats been more vital. Explore the stories in the frontline of protecting nature.

WCFF 2022  - Conservation
  • Flight of the Puffin (Trailer)

    Ethnographic observational documentary about an island community off the south coast of Iceland and their relationship with puffins. The locals have always shared their land with large colonies of these charismatic seabirds and many traditions have been born of co-existence. These include two pro...

  • Mind Wild for The Tool (Trailer)

    The Tool - The way the different wild species use tools may help us to understand how the animal mind works... And it does not go exactly as we have come to believe!

  • Tree with Orange Rings (Trailer)

    The Trees With Orange Rings tells the story of a family of great gray owls in the Bridger Mountains of Montana whose habitat is threatened by a logging project. A beautiful, old-growth Douglas fir forest marked by the U.S. Forest Service with orange rings painted on trees provides a backdrop to t...

  • Purple Haze (Trailer)

    Purple Haze, A Conservation Film - After millions of years of evolution, treacherous migrations, and forming a unique relationship with humans, North America’s largest swallow species, the Purple Martin, has managed to become almost completely dependent on man-made structures to nest & rear thei...