WCFF 2022 - Human Stories

WCFF 2022 - Human Stories

Meet the people dedicating their lives to the protection of planet earth and all its creatures.

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WCFF 2022 - Human Stories
  • When The Ocean Turns Black Teaser WCFF2023

    When the news about the oil spill off the shores of Peru, I decided to pack my gear and travel to document the effect of the spill on the wildlife.
    However, the moment I stepped on Ancon beach and met with the amazing local fishermen, I felt how my mind was changing. I suddenly realized that I wa...

  • Golden Monkeys: Braving the Impossible Teaser WCFF2023

    Golden Monkey: Braving the Impossible - Shot in the inaccessible wildernesses of Central Asia, this episode from the series "Wild Empire" follows the perilous existence of a family of golden-snub-nosed monkeys throughout a year to capture their captivating and rarely seen behaviour. A WCFF 2022 P...