Naturally Australia

Naturally Australia

13 Seasons

Photographer and film-maker Simon Mustoe has been studying and observing wildlife in his native Australia for nearly 50 years - in this series he profiles environmental and wildlife specialists and enthusiasts across Australia

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Naturally Australia
  • Kangaroo Island - Andrew Neighbour

    Episode 1

    Island resident Andrew Neighbour tells us about his love of the ocean and his passion for running dolphin tours

  • Kangaroo Island - Janet Ayliffe

    Episode 2

    Janet Ayliffe tells us of her life growing up on the island and of her love of drawing the local wildlife

  • Kangaroo Island - Peggy Rismiller

    Episode 3

    Peggy Rismiller shares with us her laid back lifestyle on the island and shows us some of her nature inspired jewellery and art