Big Cats

  • Born Free - Lions for Life

    An introduction to Lions, how and where the live, what challenges they face and what young people can do to help. Narrated by Dr. Nikki Tag Born Free's Head of Conservation

  • Missing Lynx: the Algarve tiger

    In this film Richard Brock examines the threats to Europe's rarest cat - the Iberian Lynx

  • Leopard Rescue

    This Ecoflix Original explores how leopards are rescued in India. The leopard is one of the most mysterious and elusive of the big cats, The felines are increasingly coming into contact with humans. These encounters include leopards falling into deep open wells, getting caught in traps and locked...

  • Earth Man. Altai (English Subs)

    Earth Man. Altai - Mitya Fomin and Elena Letuchaya went to one of the most unusual and remote corners of Russia - Gorny Altai, to learn firsthand what it is like to work to preserve one of the rarest cats on the planet - the snow leopard.

  • The Tigers of Thap Lan

    With help from Global Conservation and WCS Thailand, tigers are now returning to Thap Lan National Park in central Thailand. Increased security and more efficient monitoring has enabled tigers to return to their former habitat, now a much safer place.

    NGO Global Conservation is dedicated to to ...

  • Safe Haven for Tigers

    Kept in poor conditions by a private owner for most of his life white tiger Clarence now lives at the Safe Haven Wildlife Sanctuary in Imlay, Nevada.
    Regular inbreeding can causes the fur of some tigers to be white - white tigers are much sough after by circus and private owners - but the inbreed...

  • Your Tiger, Our Forest

    The thousand square kilometre Bhramapuri forest in central India - where 47 adult tigers and their cubs live alongside around 600 villages.
    This is the story of how the tigers and villagers co-exist.

    Director: Ishan Sharma
    Producers: Ishan Sharma & Christopher J Gervais

  • Tigers in Crisis

    Is there a future for wild tigers? Poached, persecuted, exploited...Tigers need your help!

  • Lara visits the Serengeti - Lions

    Lara observers a pride of lions with 20 cubs

    Created by Lara Jackson, George Benjamin and Asilia Africa. To keep up with their work, follow them on Instagram @lara_wildlife | @georgetheexplorer | @asiliaafrica
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  • Shamwari In Action - Born Free

    Born Free's Shamwari Game Reserve in South Africa's Eastern Cape is one of Africa's leading big cat rescue and rehabilitation sanctuaries

  • Going Wild with John & James Episode 1

    John and James have a scary stand-off with a young bull elephant - and a magical encounter with a lioness and her cubs

  • Release Of The King - Born Free

    King is a year old lion cub rescued from an apartment in Paris.
    He was being kept illegally as an exotic pet in poor conditions.
    Following a court ruling Born Free transferred King to its Big Cat Rescue Centre at the Shamwari Private Game Reserve, in South Africa's Eastern Cape.

  • On Safari with Nala - African Lion

    Nala finds a resting pride of lions; one of the largest and most social big cats

  • Last lions of Meru

    Meru National Park, in Kenya, was the home of Elsa - the lioness made famous by the book and film by Born Free