Ecoflix Education: Creative Arts

Ecoflix Education: Creative Arts

4 Seasons

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Ecoflix Education: Creative Arts
  • Recreate, Restore, Reimagine

    Episode 1

    A powerful call to arms - the poem reminds us that we only have one Earth and we must protect her. The poem ties into the Decade of Restoration, a United Nations initiative that will launch on #WorldEnvironmentDay, to prevent, halt and reverse the degradation of ecosystems worldwide

    Director: T...

  • Love Song To The Earth CC

    Episode 2

    Internationally renowned artists released this song and music video, Love Song to the Earth urging world leaders to reach a global agreement during the United Nations climate conference to limit the impacts of climate change.

    Written by Toby Gad, Natasha Bedingfield, John Shanks and Sean Paul th...

  • 'Free' by Diane Warren - music video

    Episode 3

    'Free' by Diane Warren - music video

  • It's Up To Us

    Episode 4

    It’s Up To Us is based on the Terra Carta, a roadmap to sustainability issued by His Royal Highness The Prince Charles, Former Prince of Wales and his Sustainable Markets Initiative in 2021. More than 400 corporations have already signed on, agreeing to put the health of Nature, People & Planet a...

  • Last Chance To Paint: Spirit of the Rainforest Episode 1

    Episode 5

    Last Chance To Paint connects children to the environment using art to highlight what we all stand to lose. In Episode 1 of 5 artist John Dyer & musician Martha-Lilly Dyer begin their epic adventure traveling from London to the Yawanawá Tribe in the Amazon. Their search for the Spirit of the R...

  • Last Chance To Paint: Spirit of the Rainforest Episode 2

    Episode 6

    Last Chance To Paint connects children to the environment using art to highlight what we all stand to lose. In Episode 2 of 5 artists John & Martha-Lilly Dyer travel by canoe to discover shamanic culture, paint dyes from seed pods, as well as painting the wonderful flora and fauna.

  • Last Chance To Paint: Spirit of the Rainforest Episode 3

    Episode 7

    Last Chance To Paint connects children to the environment using art to highlight what we all stand to lose. In Episode 3 of 5 our intrepid explorers learn more about tribal culture and its closeness to nature and offer some top tips for painting.

  • Last Chance To Paint: Spirit of the Rainforest Episode 4

    Episode 8

    Last Chance To Paint connects children to the environment using art to highlight what we all stand to lose. In Episode 4 artist John Dyer reveals his favorite thing about the rainforest. Can you guess? Despite the sweltering heat, John enjoys the company of hundreds and hundreds of fluttering bu...

  • Last Chance To Paint:Spirit of the Rainforest Episode 5

    Episode 9

    Last Chance To Paint connects children to the environment using art to highlight what we all stand to lose. In the last episode of SPIRIT OF THE RAINFOREST John and Martha-Lilly visit a local school to meet some budding artists. A special tune is composed and performed. A new series set in Borne...

  • Hot Poets - Repeat Beat Poet, A Rhyming Guide to Climate Litigation

    Episode 10

    Hot Poet: The Repeat Beat Poet
    Matched with: London School of Economics, Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment
    Poem Focus: Climate Litigation

    The Repeat Beat Poet (aka Peter deGraft-Johnson) is working with Joana Setzer, an Assistant Professorial Research Fellow at th...

  • Hot Poets - Jonny Fluffypunk, Put the Children by a Tree

    Episode 11

    Hot Poet: Jonny Fluffypunk
    Matched with: Forest Schools Birmingham
    Poem Focus: Forest School

    It is Forest School Birmingham’s deepest wish that young people and those working in education awaken to the vital role that the natural world plays in the health and well-being of our species and that, ...

  • Hot Poets - Chris Redmond, Green Futures; The Earth is Waiting

    Episode 12

    Hot Poet and Co-Artistic Director: Chris Redmond
    Matched with: The Weather Makers
    Poem Focus: Re-greening the Desert

    With an ever-increasing human population extracting value from Earth, the world faces severely degrading ecosystems. Over 1.3 billion people are affected by degrading agricultural...

  • Hot Poets - Elvis McGonagall, Extreme Weather Report

    Episode 13

    Hot Poet: Elvis McGonagall
    Matched with: Met Office
    Poem Focus: Climate Research

    The Poem's context is around the reporting of the Met Office which is the national meteorological service for the UK. They provide critical weather services and world-leading climate science, helping you make better...

  • Hot Poets - Matt Harvey, Praise the Whale

    Episode 14

    Hot Poet: Matt Harvey
    Matched with: Whale and Dolphin Conservation
    Poem Focus: The Green Whale and Whale Poo Whale

    Dolphin Conservation (WDC) campaigns to save whales and dolphins. Whales play a big part in helping to keep the ocean healthy and are our allies in the fight to reverse climate b...

  • Hot Poets - Yomi Ṣode, Chaos in the Sky and on Land

    Episode 15

    Hot Poet: Yomi Ṣode
    Matched with: Professor David M Schultz from the Centre for Crisis Studies and Mitigation, and Centre for Atmospheric Science, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, The University of Manchester
    Poem Focus: How big weather events are reported

    A crisis resulting from ...

  • Hot Poets - Toni Giselle Stuart, Ocean Home

    Episode 16

    Hot Poet: Toni Giselle Stuart
    Matched with: The Beach Co-op, South Africa
    Poem Focus: Beach Clean-Up Plastic Data

    The Beach Co-op began in 2015 when a group of volunteers started meeting every new moon to collect marine debris at our local surf break – the rocky shore at Surfers Corner in Muizen...

  • Hot Poets - Vanessa Kisuule, The Earth's Thirst

    Episode 17

    Hot Poet: Vanessa Kisuule
    Matched with: RSPB
    Poem Focus: Peatland

    Passionate about nature, dedicated to saving it. Since the RSPB started on their mission in 1889, the threats to nature have continued to grow, but they’ve grown to meet them too. The RSPB is now the largest nature conservation ch...

  • Hot Poets - Zena Edwards, Mother of the Forest

    Episode 18

    Hot Poet: Zena Edwards
    Matched with: The Word Forest Organisation
    Poem Focus: Empowering women in Kenya to grow trees on the equator.

    The Word Forest Organisation is a young charity founded by passionate environmentalists based in the South West. They plant trees, build schools, facilitate educ...

  • Hot Poets - Liv Torc - When You Know the Water's Coming

    Episode 19

    Hot Poet and Co-Artistic Director: Liv Torc
    Matched with: Adapting the Levels, Somerset County Council, Somerset Wildlife, Trust and Farming & Wildlife Advisory Group
    Poem Focus: Flood Prevention

    Liv's poem is based on the incredible work of Somerset County Council, Somerset Wildlife, Trust and ...

  • Hot Poets - Francesca Beard, Geology Rocks.

    Episode 20

    Hot Poet: Francesa Beard
    Matched with: British Geological Survey
    Poem Focus:
    Geology and the undergroundThe BGS is focused on public-good science for government and on research aimed at understanding the earth and its environmental processes, helping society use natural resources responsibly, ma...

  • Hot Poets - Joelle Taylor, Could Mr Sands Please Come to Reception

    Episode 21

    Hot Poet: Joelle Taylor
    Matched with: Dr. Gareth Clay, Department of Geography, School of Environment, Education and Development, University of Manchester
    Poem Focus: Wild Fire
    Dr Gareth Clay is a Reader in Physical Geography at The University of Manchester. He is a physical geographer whose rese...

  • Hot Poets - Group Film

    Episode 22

    This is a group poem edited together from the 12 Hot Poet COP26 poems - written and performed by leading spoken word poets from the UK and South Africa including Joelle Taylor, Vanessa Kisuule, Matt Harvey, Jonny Fluffypunk, Repeat Beat Poet, Zena Edwards, Toni Giselle Stuart, Chris Redmond, Yomi...