Laurie Hood’s Difference Makers

Laurie Hood’s Difference Makers

“Laurie Hood’s Difference Makers” celebrates the work of advocates from around the globe—the “difference makers” who have dedicated their lives to animal protection and safety while making the world a better place.
Laurie Hood, founder and president of Alaqua Animal Refuge, has made a lifelong commitment to advance the interests of all animals and their rights—both domestic and wild—to help make lasting change in our society and create a kinder, more empathetic world for all living souls. Propelled to make a difference in animals’ lives and be their voice, Laurie continues to be a shining example in her ongoing work of animal rescue, welfare, cruelty prevention, education, and advocacy.

Laurie Hood’s Difference Makers
  • Laurie's Hood's Difference Makers with Monty Roberts

    Monty Roberts is a real-life horse whisperer—an American original whose gentle "Join-Up" training method reveals the depth of communication possible between human and animal. He's sold six million books, was friends with the Queen of England, and is idolized by generations of horse lovers.
    Monty ...

  • Laurie Hood's Difference Makers with Ellie Phipps Price

    Laurie Hood interviews Ellie Phipps Price, President of the American Wild Horse Campaign, at her Montgomery Creek Ranch in Northern California, where they discuss what’s wrong and what can be fixed with the way wild Mustangs are unfairly treated at taxpayers’ expense.

  • Laurie Hood's Difference Makers with Marty Irby

    Animal Wellness Action Lobbyist, Marty Irby, talks to Laurie Hood in her podcast about his wild ride from World Champion to outcast to top-ten DC lobbyists, and shares his feelings about animal advocates, activists, and "whack-tivists." Marty has played a key roll in protecting Tennessee Walking ...

  • Laurie Hood's Difference Makers with Odessa Gunn

    Laurie Hood and Odessa Gunn, peers at Animal Wellness Action and both founders of animal refuges, share stories about their passion for animals in her podcast and Odessa's focus on the Chinese wet market crisis.

  • Laurie's Hood's Difference Makers with Mustang Meg

    Sonya Spaziani, a.k.a. "Mustang Meg", founder of Mustang Wild, gives host Laurie Hood her first view of wild Mustangs in Oregon's South Steens high desert. Sonya candidly speaks with Laurie about her love of freedom after escaping communism as an infant and her passion to maintain freedom for the...

  • Laurie Hood's Difference Makers with Temple Grandin Part 1

    Temple Grandin, world famous author and speaker on both autism and animal behavior, sits down with Alaqua Founder Laurie Hood for incredible conversations about Temple's amazing life story and accomplishments. In this Part One interview, Temple reflects on the making of the HBO five-time Emmy awa...

  • Laurie Hood's Difference Makers with Temple Grandin Part 2

    In the 1970s, Temple Grandin, an autistic female working in an entirely male dominated world of livestock handling, single handedly improved the cattle industry with her brilliant mind, thinking, and perseverance. In fact today, major corporations will not use vendors who do not meet her standard...

  • Laurie Hood's Difference Makers with Temple Grandin part 3

    Laurie talks to Temple Grandin about the beauty of visual thinking.
    When doctors told Temple Grandin’s mother she had little choice but to institutionalize her severely autistic daughter, her mother ignored the experts. The pivotal move helped Temple find her way to become an unlikely hero to Ame...

  • Laurie Hoods Difference Makers with Temple Grandin part 4

    In part four of her interview with Laurie, Temple Grandin discusses her unique relationship with and deep understanding of animals that has literally changed global thinking. The world famous author and speaker on both autism and animal behavior also offers general advice that every animal lover ...

  • Laurie Hood with Emma Clifford

    From Pablo Escobar's Hippo farm in Columbia to the Galapagos islands, Emma Clifford's Animal Balance organization collaborates with communities in need to create sustainable and humane non-human animal management programs to prevent suffering and ignite social change.

  • Laurie Hood's Difference Makers with Peter Knights Part 1

    Peter Knights is one of the biggest names in wildlife conservation and advocacy. As founder and president of WildAid, he may be the most influential "difference maker" of our time.
    In Part One of Laurie Hood's two part podcast interview, Peter describes how he began his life's work as a wildlife...

  • Laurie Hood's Difference Makers with Peter Knights part 2

    In Part Two of Laurie's podcast interview with Peter Knights, the founder and president of WildAid, Laurie and Peter discuss the "difference maker" celebrities—Danai Gurira, Yao Ming, His Royal Highness Prince William, Lupita Nyong'o, David Beckham, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jackie Chan, Sir Richard Bra...