• Disappearing Souls

    Filmed in the disappearing low land rain-forests in Borneo, we see the effect on local wildlife including the endangered Orangutans that populate it.

  • Sanctuary - Chimp Haven

    Chimp Haven in Louisiana is the main national home for chimpanzees retired from Government research facilities. With six large forested areas, the animals are able to live their best chimp life.

  • Borneo Jungle Diaries - series 2, episode 01

    Alex joins primatologist Maz on a mission to spot one of the world's strangest looking primates - the famous proboscis monkey

  • Koko - The Nature Documentary

    An afternoon spent with the famous gorilla who knows sign language, and the scientist who taught her how to "talk". One of the first words that Koko used to describe herself was Queen. The gorilla was only a few years old when she first made the gesture-sweeping a paw diagonally across her chest ...

  • Koko Meets Robin Williams

    In 2001, Robin Williams visited Koko at her home in Woodside. It was a cheerful encounter for both, and Koko treasured it for the rest of her life. The meeting took place about 6 months after Koko’s foster brother, Michael, passed away of cardiomyopathy — and it turned out to be the first time ...

  • Keeping Bwindi's Gorillas Covid Safe

    Efforts at Uganda's Bwindi National Park to prevent transmission of the Covid virus from humans to the park's population of Mountain Gorillas

  • Meet Koko and The Gorilla Foundation

    Hanabiko "Koko" (July 4, 1971 – June 19, 2018) was a female western lowland gorilla. Koko was born in San Francisco Zoo, and lived most of her life at The Gorilla Foundation's preserve in the Santa Cruz Mountains. The name "Hanabiko" is of Japanese origin and is a reference to her date of birth, ...

  • ChangeMakers - Jenny Desmond

    Niall McCann talks to Jenny Desmond - a conservationist and wildlife activist. Jenny & her husband Jimmy run a sanctuary for rescue Chimpanzees in Liberia, west Africa - they have dedicated their lives to the rehabilitation of humankind's closest relative

    8 November 2021

  • Club 15: Kids Can Save Animals - Ep1 Monkeys

    Kate visits Born Free's large monkey sanctuary in Texas.
    Dr Liz Tyson explains the sanctuary's focus on primate conservation and rehabilitation

  • Mountain Gorilla has snack

    Filmed by Ian Redmond at the Volcanos National Park in Rwanda