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Watch this video and more on Ecoflix | Empowering Change

Watch this video and more on Ecoflix | Empowering Change

Finding Solo


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    Civet coffee (also known as 'kopi luwak,' 'weasel coffee,' and 'cat-poo-chino') is coffee that has been partially digested by civets, nocturnal cat-like animals. Since it's rise to fame in popular media in the early 2000's, the international civet coffee market has continued to grow, and its mark...

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    Golden Monkey: Braving the Impossible - Shot in the inaccessible wildernesses of Central Asia, this episode from the series "Wild Empire" follows the perilous existence of a family of golden-snub-nosed monkeys throughout a year to capture their captivating and rarely seen behaviour. A WCFF 2022 P...

  • What's a Bonobo

    Bonobos are unique among the great apes. They are matriarchal, welcoming to strangers, and share their food. And they resolve conflicts through the "bonobo handshake!" Film provided by Ecoflix NGO partner Friends of Bonobos