Science: Year 1

Science: Year 1

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Science: Year 1
  • Save Our Planet - Save electricity

    Animation that shows the amount of electricity that we use daily with 80% coming from fossil fuels.

  • Save Your Planet - Save water

    Every drop counts. Use water, don't waste it

  • Save Your Planet - Food waste

    How much you eat is your problem. Your waste is everyone's, 1/3 of food is thrown out.

  • Save Your Planet - Car Driving

    More passengers per car, and fewer cars on the road, equals fewer emissions. Give commuting a chance

  • Save Your Planet - Consumer power

    Imported goods may cost less but cost more to the planet. Give local goods a chance.

  • Planet Bonehead - Episode 6: Bird Trek The Wrath of Falcon

    A professionally animated episode from the Planet Bonehead TV show. In this parody of STAR TREK, Cpt Bonehead and his crew on board the VERTIBRISE get an anonymous hail telling them that JP Rothbone and his Sniveling Cronies have captured all the birds of prey in the area. With no birds of prey a...

  • Planet Bonehead - Episode 7: Back to the Gator

    Accidentally thrown back in time to the 1950's using Pa's time machine, the Boneheads meet a young Pa Fossil and J.P. Rothbone, the school bully. As J.P. and his sniveling cronies' new business--alligator skin products: jackets, shoes, and "stuff like that" scales up, the future Bonehead has look...

  • Going Wild with John & James Episode 1

    John and James have a scary stand-off with a young bull elephant - and a magical encounter with a lioness and her cubs

  • Going Wild with John & James Episode 2

    Join John & James as they get a spectacular view of the Okavango Delta by helicopter - including a rare sighting of a leopard kill from the air

  • Going Wild with John & James Episode 3

    The engaging duo set up a luxury mobile safari camp before welcoming their first guests of the season. Among memorable encounters are threatening hippos, a huge herd of zebra and several baby giraffes.

  • Going Wild with John & James Episode 4

    John and James head out into the Delta on a photographic mission, gathering images to help promote their safaris. Encounters with hippos, elephants and giraffes make for some stunning photos.

  • Going Wild with John & James Episode 5

    John and James have seen many amazing sights living and working in Botswana's wildlife paradise, but an unprecedented encounter leaves them awestruck, counting their good fortune.

  • Stop Extinction

    Human impact is driving the mass extinction of life on earth - over a million species, plant and animal, are in the verge of extinction.
    In the last 50 years 80% of Asia'a forests and 50% fo the Amazon have been destroyed - what remains is essential the survival of the earth's surviving species i...

  • Borneo Jungle Diaries - series 2, episode 01

    Alex joins primatologist Maz on a mission to spot one of the world's strangest looking primates - the famous proboscis monkey

  • Borneo Jungle Diaries - series 2, episode 02

    Alex accompanies expert primatologist Danica Stark on a night search for one of Borneo's oddest creatures - the Tarsier

  • Borneo Jungle Diaries - series 2, episode 03

    Alex joins pangolin expert Elisa Panjang to see first hand the importance of scientific research and education in the fight to protect the worlds most trafficked animal - the pangolin

  • Borneo Jungle Diaries - series 2, episode 04

    Alex helps Koko install a new home for some hornbills, Borneo's most recognisable birds, high up in the forest canopy

  • Borneo Jungle Diaries - series 2, episode 05

    Alex joins the DGFC team on a mission to capture and collar one of the world's rarest cats - Borneo's Sunda clouded leopard

  • Borneo Jungle Diaries - series 2, episode 06

    Alex joins zoologist Syasya Jee as she sets out to find and research the feeding habits of Borneo's largest animal - the elephant

  • Borneo Jungle Diaries - series 2, episode 07

    Alex joins scientists Miriam Kunde and Wong Siew Te as they perform a health check on one of Borneo's least studied animals - the Sun Bear

  • Save Your Planet - Forest fires

    An animation about the impacts on the land when forests are removed or burned down

  • Wet Tropics - Neil Hewett

    Neil Hewett lives in Australia's oldest rainforest, also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, in north-west Queensland where everyday he see and experiences something new

  • Wet Tropics - Sue Gregory

    Sue Gregory lives in Australia's Wet Tropics, a 900,000 hectare area of rain forest in north-west Queensland. Sue regards herself as a custodian of the forest and, as much as she can, lives in harmony with the local wildlife

  • Wet Tropics - Linc Walker

    Linc Walker shows us around the coastal Mangrove swamps of north-west Queensland