Science: Year 4

Science: Year 4

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Science: Year 4
  • Hot Poets - Group Film

    This is a group poem edited together from the 12 Hot Poet COP26 poems - written and performed by leading spoken word poets from the UK and South Africa including Joelle Taylor, Vanessa Kisuule, Matt Harvey, Jonny Fluffypunk, Repeat Beat Poet, Zena Edwards, Toni Giselle Stuart, Chris Redmond, Yomi...

  • Hot Poets - Yomi Ṣode, Chaos in the Sky and on Land

    A crisis resulting from a natural disaster is not merely natural, but also depends upon how those disasters impact society because of weaknesses in infrastructure or societal response (e.g. despite a perfect weather forecast for Hurricane Katrina, over 1400 died). Such crises are often sudden-ons...

  • Hot Poets - Elvis McGonagall, Extreme Weather Report

    The Poem's context is around the reporting of the Met Office which is the national meteorological service for the UK. They provide critical weather services and world-leading climate science, helping you make better decisions to stay safe and thrive. The Met Office Hadley Centre is one of the UK’...

  • Hot Poets - Jonny Fluffypunk, Put the Children by a Tree

    It is Forest School Birmingham’s deepest wish that young people and those working in education awaken to the vital role that the natural world plays in the health and well-being of our species and that, by creating opportunities for children, young people and educators to find healing and peace i...

  • Hot Poets - Repeat Beat Poet, A Rhyming Guide to Climate Litigation

    The Repeat Beat Poet is working with Joana Setzer, an Assistant Professorial Research Fellow at the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment, at the London School of Economics and Political Science – LSE. Her main areas of expertise are climate litigation and global envir...

  • Hot Poets - Joelle Taylor, Could Mr Sands Please Come to Reception

    Dr Gareth Clay is a Reader in Physical Geography at The University of Manchester. He is a physical geographer whose research has explored how fundamental environmental processes are affected by pressures, such as fire, grazing and pollution. His core research uses both natural science and social ...

  • Hot Poets - Francesca Beard, Geology Rocks.

    The BGS is focused on public-good science for government and on research aimed at understanding the earth and its environmental processes, helping society use natural resources responsibly, managing environmental change, being resilient to environmental hazards, and adapting to climate change.

  • Hot Poets - Matt Harvey, Praise the Whale

    Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC) campaigns to save whales and dolphins. Whales play a big part in helping to keep the ocean healthy and are our allies in the fight to reverse climate breakdown. How? A lot of it is to do with poo! Their poo contains key nutrients for phytoplankton, tiny plants...

  • Hot Poets - Zena Edwards, Mother of the Forest

    The Word Forest Organisation is a young charity founded by passionate environmentalists based in the South West. They plant trees, build schools, facilitate education and support women’s empowerment in rural Kenya. Trees planted in the tropics grow up to ten times faster than anywhere else on the...

  • Hot Poets - Vanessa Kisuule, The Earth's Thirst

    Passionate about nature, dedicated to saving it. Since the RSPB started on their mission in 1889, the threats to nature have continued to grow, but they’ve grown to meet them too. The RSPB is now the largest nature conservation charity in the country, consistently delivering successful conservati...

  • Hot Poets - Toni Giselle Stuart, Ocean Home

    The Beach Co-op began in 2015 when a group of volunteers started meeting every new moon to collect marine debris at our local surf break – the rocky shore at Surfers Corner in Muizenberg. They wanted to do something for the ocean that gives us so much. This vision underlies the work they do today...

  • Hot Poets - Liv Torc - When You Know the Water's Coming

    Liv's poem is based on the incredible work of Somerset County Council, Somerset Wildlife, Trust and Farming & Wildlife Advisory Group. Adapting the Levels is a partnership project dedicated to empowering the communities of the Somerset Levels to take action on climate adaptation. Somerset is on t...

  • Hot Poets - Chris Redmond, Green Futures; The Earth is Waiting

    With an ever-increasing human population extracting value from Earth, the world faces severely degrading ecosystems. Over 1.3 billion people are affected by degrading agricultural land. It has never been so abundantly clear that we need functional ecosystems to support the complex life forms that...

  • Natural World Facts - Wildlife of Richmond Park

    Richmond Park in England is home to an abundance of wildlife, from majestic Red Deer to Stag Beetles. Explore the biodiversity of this unique ecosystem and join us as we look for wildlife in one of the Britain’s oldest National Parks.

  • Sanctuary - Elephant Nature Park

    Elephant Nature Park is the vision of one woman - Lek Chailert. She has devoted her life to campaigning for the rights and welfare of Thailand’s majestic national symbol, and this film captures the quite extraordinary bond she has developed with the rescued elephants

  • Sanctuary - Chimp Haven

    Chimp Haven in Louisiana is the main national home for chimpanzees retired from Government research facilities. With six large forested areas, the animals are able to live their best chimp life.

  • Free Billy

    Taken from the wild in Malaysia as a baby, Billy was transported to Los Angeles Zoo. There he was cruelly trained to do tricks to amuse the visitors.
    Thirty years later, having led a mostly solitary life in the zoo, Billy exhibits symptoms of mental and physical distress.
    This powerful film foll...

  • Eco TrailBlazers - Emily Stanford

    Emily Stanford is a conservationist, film-maker and biologist specialising in bats. Emily spends much of her time raising awareness of bats and their place in the ecosystem. Emily describes herself as a Bat Advocate

  • Eco TrailBlazers - James Levelle

    James Levelle is a committed environmentalist with a passion for adventure - his documentary 'Race for the Future' is an 11,000km journey from southern England to the capital of Chile made without the use of fossil fuel powered transport

  • Eco TrailBlazers - Mahesh Bhatt

    Mahesh Bhatt is a vet with a passion for wild animals - he has worked extensively with cheetahs in east Africa and with elephants in south Asia

  • Eco Trailblazers - Lizzie Daly

    Lizzie Daly is a conservationist, wildlife biologist and filmmaker from Wales.
    She is passionate about ocean conservation and the protection of wild spaces on land. Lizzie is a true advocate for the great outdoors.

  • António Guterres - UN Secretary General

  • Brianna Fruean - environmentalist, Samoa

    Brianna Fruean - environment & climate change activist - Samoa

  • Barack Obama - former US president

    National statements - Barack Obama