• Dark Green: An Amazon Story

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    The forests of the Amazon have burned to nothing, but the locals say there are undiscovered destinations where life still thrives and is out there. Like a trip back in time to the earliest beginnings of the world, when the Earth was King.

  • Club 15: kids can save animals

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    Club 15's mission is to inspire and empower kids to mend our planet

  • Beneath New Zealand: Mountains & Caves

    New Zealand's alpine environment reflects the powerful influence on the tectonic and erosive forces. The collision of continental plates is pushing the mountains upwards while the landscape is being torn down and sculpted by the effects of snow, ice, wind, water and seismic events.

  • Australia's Wild Treasures

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  • Global Conservation

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    NGO Global Conservation works with partners and supporters to protect National Parks and UNESCO World Heritage Sites in developing countries

  • Volcanic New Zealand

    1 season

    New Zealand owes its existence to a fiery past. Volcanoes lifted islands out of the sea and generated rivers from their slopes. But the past isn’t dead. From a lava tube hidden under suburban sprawl to lost wonders of the world, alien lifeforms, and a city built above a ticking time bomb, its pre...

  • Striking Balance

    1 season

    Striking Balance - the documentary series that travels across Canada - using aerial photography, motion capture, time-lapse and nature photography to create a stunning representation of the country's Biosphere Reserves.
    These Reserves are set up in areas of global environmental significance, tho...

  • Naturally Australia

    13 seasons

    Photographer and film-maker Simon Mustoe has been studying and observing wildlife in his native Australia for nearly 50 years - in this series he profiles environmental and wildlife specialists and enthusiasts across Australia

  • FashionScapes

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    A series of documentaries by Livia Firth exploring the supply chains of the fashion and luxury goods industries and looking at the impact of those industries on the people who work in them

    Director: Andrew Morgan
    EcoAge Television

  • Borneo Ocean Diaries

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    Join Alex Alexander as she explores the rich waters around her native island - Borneo

  • Borneo Jungle Diaries

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    Join Alex Alexander as she spends time with various teams of scientists researching the flora and fauna of her native island - Borneo

  • Lara visits the Serengeti

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    Lara Jackson is a conservation biologist and award-winning wildlife photographer - she has spent much of her career observing Africa's wild animals in their native environment